Cardio Power & Resistance

I forgot to mention yesterday that I first tried Insanity about a year and a half ago. I couldn't even make it through the fit test, and I think I just wasn't ready. (It was a big reality check as to how out of shape I had become-I joined a gym about a week later!) I digress...I am READY NOW & I'm feeling great so far! Day 2 is over & I'm not gonna lie, it was hard! Just like yesterday & probably most days will be. I had to take a couple breathers, but I kept pushing (Shaun T is my hero!) and I made it through. Even though there are moments you want to give the TV the finger, you end up feeling amazing at the end. Not sure if you can really tell the extent from that picture, but I went through 3 bottles of water & sweated out about the same amount!! For some reason the hardest exercise for me today were the Globe Jumps. A big goal for me during this program is to improve my endurance so moves like that get a little easier. I'm going to share my fit test results and keep a journal on here to chronicle my insane little adventure and track my progress. So here we go!

Fit Test One

  1. Switch Kicks: 50
  2. Power Jacks: 55
  3. Power Knees: 74
  4. Power Jumps: 23
  5. Globe Jumps: 8
  6. Suicide Jumps: 17
  7. Push-Up Jacks: 19
  8. Low Plank Oblique: 37

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