Ok, so I know that this seems silly, but I'm reading The Secret again & I'm actually doing what it tells me to do;) the book is all about the laws of attraction, and the steps to getting what you want are to 1. Ask 2.believe 3. Receive. 
When it comes to weight loss, if you're always thinking about losing weight, the theory goes that you will continue to attract needing to lose weight.
So instead, You're supposed to picture yourself at your "perfect weight." feel the feelings you would feel at that weight, feel good, etc.
SO LONG STORY SHORT, I covered my scale window with what I consider to be my perfect weight, so I can stop stressing and thinking I'm constantly neediin to lose it. Instead, I think of that perfect number as already being mine!
I realize this sounds like a lot lol...but that basic principle will totally change your life. Like attracts like and good thoughts will attract good things to your life!

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