Explanation of all the exercises after the jump! MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM BEFORE YOU BEGIN! :)

Weekend Workout: The Dirty Dozen - PART DEUX!

If you liked the Dirty Dozen, but wanted even MORE of a challenge, this workout is for you! Same rules as part one: 12 exercises, 12 reps each. It’s a time challenge so you’ll need to push yourself! You don’t need equipment, but if you think you can handle more, DO it.

12 moves x 12 reps each = 1 round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes. 

Time: 30 Minutes

Warm Up: Run in place, squat, jumping jacks, dance ANYTHING. Move for 5 minutes before you start. After your workout, cool down with a march in place before stretching.

You’ll need: A mat, a timer, a wicked playlist and a KILLER attitude!

Goal: Complete as many rounds of these exercises as possible in 30 minutes.

12 exercises, 12 reps each. No breaks scheduled in between, but take them if you need it (Push!)

Beginners: Aim for 2 rounds

Intermediate: Aim for 3-4 rounds

Advanced: Aim for 5+ rounds. (VERY challenging!)

Remember, modify the moves to your level! It’s YOUR workout: no need to jump if you’ve got bad knees! This is for time, and the goal is to keep your heart rate up by engaging your muscles and moving as quick as YOU can. Feel free to use modifications if you’re slowing down!

Note: some of these moves are very challenging. Do NOT sacrifice form for time: there’s no need and even 2-3 rounds is INTENSE. Only go as quickly as you can, and add/remove weights when you need to. Take breaks, hydrate before AND during, and make sure you don’t stop the timer!

Each move has a video demo, but some of the moves have a wee twist. Read the instructions FIRST, then click on the demo OR read the instructions FIRST

Dirty Dozen Break Down… 

1. Leap To Toe Touch (with or without weights)

From a standing position, bend slightly at the knee and leap (ski jump) to the right. Land softly on your right foot. Keeping your knee bent and left leg elevated, bend down towards the floor to tap the ground. Keep your back straight and core tight. Raise up, and repeat on the other side.

Video demo here.

2. Sumo Squat Jumps

Widen your stance so that you’re in a plie. Sink down facing your knees out and keeping weight over your hips. Back should be flat, like your sitting against a wall. Hold this position as you jump up and down slightly, only a few inches off the ground. If you’re holding weights, keep them at your sides or pulled into your chest. Land softly and repeat 12 times.

Video demo here.

3. Walkout to Pushup

From standing, lower your hands to the floor and walk out to plank position. Keep your core tight and legs straight as you walk out. Once in plank, complete one pushup (from the knees if you need to). Return to plank, and walk hands back to starting position. Focus on keeping your core pulled in, and squeeze your quads for the pushup. Repeat 12 times.

Video demo here.

4. Quick feet to squat hold

While standing, open your feet wider than hips width apart, and pump them quickly in place for 3-4 seconds (pump your arms too!). Drop down into a squat, and hold for 3-4seconds. Repeat 12 times.

Quick feet video demo here.

5. Side Plank To Rotation 

From standing, step back in a deep runners lunge, bringing your hands to the ground. Keep your core tight as you twist your torso towards your front knee, opening your arm towards the sky as you twist. Replace your hands, and come up to standing, lifting your lunging leg up and balancing on one leg. Repeat 6 times per side.

See video demo here.

6. Side Plank Dips

Come into side plank position, from the knees or on your feet. Keep feet stacked one on top of the other OR keep top foot in front of the back foot for a wider base. You can be on your elbows or hands for this move, whichever is more comfortable.

From side plank, lift and lower your hips up and down a few inches. Complete 6 reps per side.

See video demo here.

7. Prisoner Squats

Stand with feet shoulder width apart., pushing your booty bPlace your hands behind your head, and keep your chest open and back flat. Lower down into a squat, pushing your booty back. Repeat.

See video demo here.

8. Rotation Jump Squats

Facing right, sink down into a squat, bringing your arms behind you for momentum. Explode up in a jump, and turn 180 degrees. Land softly, facing left. Sink down again and repeat on the other side. (Modification: simply squat and step side to side instead of jumping).

Video demo here.

9. Full Extentions

Lying on your mat, extend your hands and feet away from each other as far as they can go. Keeping your back flat on the mat, bring your knees into your chest and hands towards your feet (or bringing a weight/medicine ball to your knees). Repeat, extending out as far as you can go. Try to keep your feet off the ground during the move.

Video demo here.

10. Triple Pulse Reverse Lunges

Step back into a reverse lung, keeping your weight in your front heel. Pulse three times, then return to standing. Switch sides each rep, or stay on the same side for 6 reps in a row for an added challenge.

See video demo here for the lunge, but add the pulses.

11. Reverse Lunge & Jack

Step back into a reverse lunge, and replace your weight back to standing. Complete one jumping jack. Repeat other side.

See previous video demo, & add the jack.

12. Plank Walks

In plank position (on your hands), lower yourself into into a forearm plank (come down to your elbows, starting with the right hand. Repeat 6 times on the right, then complete 6 times on the left.

Video demo here.

*This is a challenging move! You can substitute it for deadman planks instead: start in plank position, lower yourself down to the floor and extend your arms and legs out like you’re ‘dead’. Reverse the movement coming up to plank.

Full playlist of all the video demos here.

KILL THIS & HAVE FUN! Send me your scores and let me know how you did!

(source:  http://fitvillains.tumblr.com/search/dirty+dozen)

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