• Warm up with 2-3 minutes of running in place, jumping jacks, butt kicks, jumping rope, etc. Anything to get your heart rate up and muscles warm.
  • Repeat each move 12x on each leg and repeat the circuit 3 times.
  • Be sire to keep your movements slow and controlled to avoid sacrificing form.
  • Always keep your core engaged.
  • In any squat movements, keep your weight in your HEELS to reap maximum benefits for your booty!
  • Always do a cool down stretch.
  • HAVE FUN!!!
I think I've admitted before that I am not a natural born runner, so I'm always on the lookout for programs like this!
On the books:
Color Run- August 18, St. Louis
Hell Run- September 1, Chicago
Car-X Crazy K- September 9, Chmpaign

If anyone wants to join me for any of these races, please let me know! Always the more the merrier:o)
Made improvements for the most part!

  1. Switch Kicks      Day 1: 50      Day 15: 77
  2. Power Jacks      Day 1: 55      Day 15: 50
  3. Power Knees     Day 1: 74      Day 15: 90
  4. Power Jumps     Day 1: 23     Day 15: 27
  5. Globe Jumps     Day 1: 8       Day 15: 9
  6. Suicide Jumps   Day 1: 17     Day 15: 19
  7. Push-Up Jacks   Day 1: 19     Day 15: 25
  8. Low Plank Oblique     Day 1: 37      Day 15: 49

Today was rough! My quads are killing me and I'm just spent in general, probably from the craziness of yesterday! (All day in the sun, Group Boot Camp style workout, Insanity.) I'm seeing great results though, and after only 2 weeks!!! I know you can't get instant gratification in fitness and weigh-loss, but this definitely happens quickly. Feeling good :o)
I've been doing Insanity for the last couple weeks, so I decided to design a Dirty Dozen for this weekend's workout using exercises from the series. Get ready to sweat!

What you'll need: A timer/alarm, water, towel, & some kick-ass tunes!
  • Warm up for 2-3 minutes with jumping jacks, jogging in place, shaking what your mama gave ya, etc...
1. Power Jumps
              Begin in a squat. Using your arms to propel you, jump and bring your knees up as high as you can. Land softly in the starting squat position.

2. Suicide Drills
             Sidestep to the right as fast as possible, touching the floor with one hand after 3-4 steps.  Repeat on other side. (Each side counts as one rep.)

3. Push-Up Jacks
            Begin in a plank position. Jump your legs out wide while lowering yourself into a push-up. Jump back to plank while you straighten your arms.

4. Low Plank Oblique
           Begin in a forearm plank. Bend your right knee and raise it toward your shoulder, engaging your obliques the entire time. Return to starting position. This is one rep. Switch sides until you get to 12.

5. Upright Mountain Climbers
            Your legs are running with high knees, while your opposite arm reaches toward the ceiling. Keep your torso erect & abs engaged. One on each side= 1 rep.

6. Ski Down
           Begin standing up straight with your feet together. Slightly bend your knees and jump laterally, landing softly with slightly bent knees. Switch directions. Use your arms to propel you, keep your body facing forward, & your feet close together.

7. V Push- Up
            Start in a plank and walk your feet in toward your hands until your butt is in the air & your body makes a V. (Ignore her foot in the air in the picture; both feet should be on the floor, raised onto your toes.) Turn your hands in so fingertips are facing each other & lower into a push-up, elbows going out.

8. Ski Abs
          Begin in plank position. Keeping your feet together, hop to one side of your body towards your hands while keeping your palms firmly planted on the ground. (Pictured right.) Hop back into plank, then hop to the other side of your body. One side= one rep.

9. 1-2-3 Heisman
                Shown in video below
10. Vertical Jump
               Pretty straight forward. Start standing with feet about shoulder width apart. Bend knees slightly, use arms to propel you, and jump as high as you can, raising your arms over your head while you're in the air.
11. Triceps Dips
              Get into a tabletop position on the floor. Push your hips toward the ceiling, then bend arms and dip down. Return to starting position.

12. In-Out Abs
               Start in a plank. Jump in toward hands, keeping feet together. Jump back to plank.


Good luck, have fun, and KILL IT!!!

Warning: BRUTAL metabolic meltdown coming through!

Sounds like fun, right?!? This is another weekend killer brought to you by Chichi Kix (http://fitvillains.tumblr.com). I have personally tried all the weekend workouts that I post & I have to say, Chichi is one of my biggest role models for sure. And MAN, can homegirl plan a circuit!! GET READY TO SWEAT;)

9 exercises. 1000 reps. INTENSE. CRAZY. AMAZING.

How To Do It

  1. Warm up for 5 minutes. Run, jog, squat: mix & match.
  2. Set a timer/stopwatch. If you have a ‘lap’ function, it’s easier to time yourself per round, but it’s not necessary.
  3. Complete 4 rounds of the Beast Unleashed circuit. Rest when you need to, but try to keep breaks short. (Ideally, finish one round, rest, then move on). Try to improve your time each round.
  4. Cool down and stretch.
MINI-VERSION: if you’re short on time, hit it HARD for 2-3 rounds or set a timer for your desired workout length and see how many rounds you can complete in that time. (2 rounds in 15 min, 3 rounds in 25 min etc). 

Beast Unleashed Circuit

  • 50 High Knee Runs (Right + Left = 1 rep)
  • 20 Alternating Froggers
  • 20 Side Lunge & Lift (10/side)
  • 10 Cobra To Plank
  • 50 Lunge Hops
  • 20 Sprinter Crunches
  • 20 Baby Pistol Squats (10/side)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 50 Lying Leg Lifts (25/side)
Rest 30-60 seconds & repeat. 



Cardio Power & Resistance

I forgot to mention yesterday that I first tried Insanity about a year and a half ago. I couldn't even make it through the fit test, and I think I just wasn't ready. (It was a big reality check as to how out of shape I had become-I joined a gym about a week later!) I digress...I am READY NOW & I'm feeling great so far! Day 2 is over & I'm not gonna lie, it was hard! Just like yesterday & probably most days will be. I had to take a couple breathers, but I kept pushing (Shaun T is my hero!) and I made it through. Even though there are moments you want to give the TV the finger, you end up feeling amazing at the end. Not sure if you can really tell the extent from that picture, but I went through 3 bottles of water & sweated out about the same amount!! For some reason the hardest exercise for me today were the Globe Jumps. A big goal for me during this program is to improve my endurance so moves like that get a little easier. I'm going to share my fit test results and keep a journal on here to chronicle my insane little adventure and track my progress. So here we go!

Fit Test One

  1. Switch Kicks: 50
  2. Power Jacks: 55
  3. Power Knees: 74
  4. Power Jumps: 23
  5. Globe Jumps: 8
  6. Suicide Jumps: 17
  7. Push-Up Jacks: 19
  8. Low Plank Oblique: 37
...and it was GREAT! We started with the Plyometric Cardio Circuit &I think we have a really amazing group of people who want to continue improving their lives, and I get excited about that:) I'm really looking forward to encouraging, challenging, and pushing each other over the next 60 days and I CAN'T WAIT to see what the photo from our LAST workout is going to look like! This program is hard, but it's honestly FUN, especially with the group atmosphere.
Working out was always my "me time" until I took my first Body Pump class. Then came Boot Camps, Fit Clubs, and now Challenge Groups. If you've never worked out in a group setting before, I would encourage everyone to get out there & try something new. I see it changing lives every day, including my own, & that's something I want to share with as many people as I can!! Now it's time to prepare for workout #2- Cardio Power & Resistance. Wish me luck:)

This one’s CRAZY, but I KNOW you can kill it! 100 Burpees in ONE WORKOUT. Yowza!

Bitchin’ Burpees is an intense workout that’ll push you both physically and mentally. Make sure to take breaks and push yourself through the last few rounds. BEGINNERS: use the right modification for yourlevel (see below for modifier options & tips). STAY HYDRATED THROUGHOUT.

Keep a timer running as you complete the 6 exercise circuit (including breaks), and jot down your total time at the end. The shorter your breaks, the better your time (30-60 seconds rest per round is ideal), but listen to your bod. It’s about doing your best: you’re not competing with anyone but yourself.

Short on time? Set your timer for your desired timeframe (15, 20, 25 minutes etc) and count how many rounds you are able to complete in that time. Make a note of where you left off.

DO NOT sacrifice form for speed, switch to easier modifications if you need to, check your heart rate and pace yourself. 

You’ll need

  • A timer
  • A water bottle
  • A mat
  • A bench/chair
How To Do It

Explanation of all the exercises after the jump! MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM BEFORE YOU BEGIN! :)

Weekend Workout: The Dirty Dozen - PART DEUX!

If you liked the Dirty Dozen, but wanted even MORE of a challenge, this workout is for you! Same rules as part one: 12 exercises, 12 reps each. It’s a time challenge so you’ll need to push yourself! You don’t need equipment, but if you think you can handle more, DO it.

12 moves x 12 reps each = 1 round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes. 

Time: 30 Minutes

Warm Up: Run in place, squat, jumping jacks, dance ANYTHING. Move for 5 minutes before you start. After your workout, cool down with a march in place before stretching.

You’ll need: A mat, a timer, a wicked playlist and a KILLER attitude!

Goal: Complete as many rounds of these exercises as possible in 30 minutes.

12 exercises, 12 reps each. No breaks scheduled in between, but take them if you need it (Push!)

Beginners: Aim for 2 rounds

Intermediate: Aim for 3-4 rounds

Advanced: Aim for 5+ rounds. (VERY challenging!)

Remember, modify the moves to your level! It’s YOUR workout: no need to jump if you’ve got bad knees! This is for time, and the goal is to keep your heart rate up by engaging your muscles and moving as quick as YOU can. Feel free to use modifications if you’re slowing down!

Note: some of these moves are very challenging. Do NOT sacrifice form for time: there’s no need and even 2-3 rounds is INTENSE. Only go as quickly as you can, and add/remove weights when you need to. Take breaks, hydrate before AND during, and make sure you don’t stop the timer!

Each move has a video demo, but some of the moves have a wee twist. Read the instructions FIRST, then click on the demo OR read the instructions FIRST